‘Digital enablement’ is one thing. ‘Digital business’ is quite another.

While many companies have adopted digital technology to enable their existing business model by improving operational efficiency or making use of digital sales and service channels, often their deployment of new digital tools has been piecemeal. They have started their digital journey at a tactical or departmental level: delivering short-term results but missing opportunities to truly embrace digital technologies as part of their core business.

At inglis jane, we help businesses adapt to the changing market, technology and regulatory landscape through the delivery of fundamental digital change. Our experience across the full digital life-cycle and obsession with customer centricity, coupled with our agile delivery models, candour and can-do approach accelerate our customers’ businesses towards true transformation to create digital businesses.

Our people can help with:

  • Digital Identity 

  • Big Data/Analytics (Proactive, Revenue Generating and Operational) 

  • Business Transformation 

  • Innovation 

  • Digital Service and Product Development 

  • Data Commercialisation 

  • Complex Ecosystem Management 

  • Operator-Centric Financial Services and FinTech 

If you'd like to combine business change with digital change, and emerge with added strength and focus, contact ij today