Vodafone selected ij as its strategic partner for the development of a new integrated portfolio office to manage the delivery of a full suite of new services for enterprise customers.
Client Need 

Vodafone’s Enterprise Transformation Portfolio of programmes comprises 9 major programmes of internal systems development designed to transform the way Vodafone sells, builds and runs its world-leading enterprise services.  To efficiently manage the delivery of these complex programmes of technical and business change across their global organisation, Vodafone started on a path to develop Programme Office as a managed service.  Vodafone needed a partner who could 

  • Integrate  15 different contractors from as many different agencies and organisations into a single PMO team
  • Reduce churn in the contractor base
  • Support the design and development of PMO services such as Budget Control, Vendor Management, Project Support Specialists
  • Develop a roadmap to deliver PMO as a managed service in 12 months
IJ Solution 

Ij laid out a clear path with 4 steps to move from the fragmented base measured on time and materials towards a fully managed service measured on KPIs and SLAs.  Using our flexible hybrid model, we built the team on contractors already known to Vodafone, with focused recruitment of high quality consultants to support the development of strategic services such as vendor management.  Through a series of best practice workshops, and team events, ij have engaged the team to work together and develop common processes, documentation and governance.  The application of product design techniques has enabled Vodafone and ij to jointly develop a growing suite of services to the programmes which are already increasing efficiency, driving gate assurance and reducing costs and complexity.

Quote from client 

"IJ has been more than just a supplier but a true partner allowing me to transition and evolve by being extremely flexible and accommodating in an environment that has constant changes. This partnership has meant I have been able to keep the cost base to a minimum and upskill the team in a short space of time and we are already seeing the fruits of this model."

Umar Butt
Senior Transformation & Portfolio Manager