“Verizon’s sucking up every identity geek on the planet”, said a PKI expert to me one warm evening in Dallas. Why then, did they need ij’s help when they wanted to bid to become an IDP for the UK Government’s Identity Assurance Programme?
Client Need 

In 2012, the UK Government embarked on an innovative Identity Assurance Programme (IDAP) with the ambition of creating a competitive market of identity providers (IDPs) who’s digital identities would enable UK Citizens to access online public services such as claiming benefits or paying taxes.  Verizon, a world leader in digital identity, as part of their overall fraud, risk and security capabilities, wanted to bid to become one of those IDPs in the IDAP programme.  Although Verizon had unique technical capabilities, and deep identity assurance experience from their work elsewhere in the world, they had limited knowledge of the UK market, or of the IDAP programme and limited resources outside the USA to respond to the bid.

Verizon’s product and professional services teams needed support to

  • Develop the end-to-end solution architecture
  • Identify local partners to supply proofing and call centre services
  • Manage the bid response, coordinating the many inputs from Verizon stakeholders and partners
  • Build relationships with the IDAP programme team and develop a deep understanding of the UK government requirement
  • Build a business case which would articulate the cost/benefit analysis in compliance with both Verizon internal governance, and UK Government
IJ Solution 

Ij have been involved in many innovation projects associated with identity, and a track record of delivering real services in multi-channel, consumer facing identity.  Drawing on a network of contacts, ij supplied a single identity subject matter expert and product manager to support the business analysis, business case development , partner procurement and pulling the bid response together.  Working seamlessly as part of the Verizon team, we were able to successfully gain IDP status for Verizon.  Following award, ij supplemented the team with an experienced BA, programme manager and commercial product manager to support the transition to Verizon’s own teams of consultants and product managers.   

IDAP became GOV.UK Verify and has subsequently been through another round of procurement, Verizon are still a leading IDP in the programme.

Quote from client 

“Working with ij helped us move forward with extending our trusted Universal Identity Services to customers in the UK and Europe”

Harm Jan Arendshorst
Head of Product Development & Management Professional Services

Quote from contractor 

“Being part of the Verizon team was very exciting and challenging.  I had the chance to work with real experts in the domain, and gain new insights on the business of identity”  Nicky Hickman 


“Working with Verizon on the "Trust in Digital Life” Digital Identity initiative was hugely valuable experience and I found that as much as I was able to contribute my expertise on customer experience led proposition design, I was also able to learn a great deal from hugely experienced and influential thinkers who are shaping the future trust of consumers transacting online across the European Union. This forward-looking project is contributing to the future success of the digital economy, and I found it a hugely enjoyable and rewarding experience”  Miles Cheetham