How do you identify competitors and analyse markets that don’t exist yet? When GSMA wanted to develop Mobile Connect, ij’s expertise in personal data, analytics and digital identity and mobile operator domain knowledge, proved the perfect partnership.
Client Need 

In 2013 the GSMA, which represents and unites the interests of nearly 800 mobile operators worldwide, set up the Mobile Identity Programme (now called Personal Data Programme that helps digital service providers and consumers find the optimum balance between privacy, security and convenience.  As the mobile identity market, and markets for personal data were newly emerging and constantly evolving, GSMA sought ij’s help with:

  • Understanding market dimensions 
  • Defining the consumer and service provider propositions that are likely to be required from GSMA members

This early piece of work by ij supported the process and also contributed to the development of GSMA’s Mobile Connect offering – a fast and secure login system that enables individuals to access their online accounts ( 

By 2014, the Mobile Connect roadmap was fully developed and GSMA’s experts had established early implementations of the solution.  They now needed ij’s specialist support to:

  • Analyse the competitive landscape for Mobile Connect
  • Define the ‘Go-to-market’ requirements 
  • Identify potential channel partners
IJ Solution 

ij supplied identity and attribute market experts from both the USA and UK with deep domain expertise who were used to working in the mobile operator market.  With more than 25 years of relevant experience between them, ij worked with these resources to provide a range of deliverables including:

  • Proposition analysis and case definition by sector, for six sectors:
    • Banking
    • Retail
    • Gaming & Content
    • Travel & Hospitality
    • Enterprise 
    • Government
  • Mobile Connect sales decks for each of the sectors
  • Detailed competitive analysis for the authentication market
  • Insights and further competitive analysis for the newly emerging attribute market – something that very few organisations are able to do
  • Connecting GSMA with two new global channel partners

This project enabled ij to demonstrate how the reach of its talent pools, combined with deep understanding of the mobile operator market, enables organisations to make strategic and potentially market-moving decisions based on strong data analysis and specifically applied expertise.

Quote from client 

"IJ have done an excellent job in bringing their domain knowledge into play for GSMA and helping to  demystify the complex world of Identity. IJ consistently delivered on time and to high quality in an extremely professional and positive manner.

Reg Cox
Commercial Consultant

Quote from contractor 

“I’ve been fascinated by the developing area of online Identity for years and it was therefore tremendously exciting to be asked to contribute to the development of this major GSMA initiative. I strongly believe that this is a vital strategic initiative for the MNO industry, one that re-enforces their position in the value chain in the new digital/online world. It was an extremely challenging assignment but one I found both exciting and rewarding.”  Miles Cheetham