inglis jane brings together bespoke teams that seamlessly meet your project requirements. Our wide network includes an unrivalled talent pool of consultants and contractors, but also a range of trusted partners that bring additional skills and viewpoints where they are required. The companies below share our values and our customer-centric approach:


Agile Centre LLP       

Agile Centre LLP provides agile leadership coaching and consultancy, in-house capability training and scaled, certified agile training. Agile Centre LLP is a Scrum Alliance-approved Registered Education Provider (REP) based in London with clients throughout Europe, US and Middle East.  Courses can be booked via with the ij discount code inglisjane10 which enables a 10% discount.


Coller IP       

Coller IP are experts in intellectual property. Coller’s specialists help businesses extract and protect value from innovation, and work with them to turn hidden intangible assets into differentiators. Coller work closely with IJ on Take Technology 2 Market: a structured framework for faster commercial returns from innovation.



The CX New Product Development (CX NPD) team understands features can be copied and price undercut. Only customer experience can provide long-term competitive advantage. CX NPD brings the needs and wants of your customers to the heart of your product development. CX NPD consultants will optimise your product propositions, and you’ll get to market quicker with a solution your customers love.


iLabs Technologies 

iLabs Technologies offer a wide range of research and development through disruptive innovation, standardization and assurance to build a Trustworthy Internet of Everything.



Jam ICT helps businesses translate digital opportunities into commercial success. Boasting a track record of wins in sustainable differentiation, improved brand performance, higher customer loyalty and swifter times to market, the Jam ICT team never lose sight of your main concern: swift ROI.


NuAge Vision

NuAge vision specialises in mentoring, Management and business consultancy and interim management services for aspiring technology start-ups and early stage companies, particularly in the Life Sciences industry. NuAge Vision partners with IJ on the Take Technology 2 Market innovation framework.