Inglis Jane was founded in 2001 to provide contract product and innovation management services to telecom and Internet companies. Since then, ij has grown organically into a unique hybrid of a contract temporary recruitment agency and a full service consultancy. With access to a talent pool of more than 150 consultants, experienced in delivering across a wide range of businesses from start-ups to FTSE 100 companies, we offer a diverse and valuable set of services. Whatever your project, you can trust our team, our values and our partners to deliver on-time and on-budget.

What you get

Working with ij gives you everything you need to ensure your digital transformation journey is a success. Our programme, product and portfolio delivery expertise enhances the entire project life-cycle; from ideation to successful completion and audit. Whether you need a team to manage the entire process, or just one person to deal with a discrete task, we’ll find you precisely the right match. Already know the consultant you want to work with but don’t want the pain of setting them up as a new supplier? We can include them in the team. Need the entire product development process managed? You’re in safe hands.

Here’s where we’re typically engaged:

Digital Enablement | Digital Business | Digital Transformation | Strategy | Innovation Management | Commercial | Design | Testing and Development | Delivery | Go-to-Market | Refresh or Change | Shut-down and Client Migration

How we’re different

We’re all about outcomes

We focus on the commercial and customer value of the products and services you want to design and bring to market. We want to make sure that you pay for results, not bums on seats, so we work on a fixed price deliverables model.

Success is when you don’t need us anymore

One of our aims is to be completely dispensable. We’re committed to providing great knowledge transfer and thorough documentation – our consultants aren’t chasing a contract extension, they’re chasing your goals.

We’re fair to our clients and consultants

We look after our consultants by finding them interesting work with good people, and we look after our clients by finding them expert resource that matches their budget.

We are a community

ij has been built by its community of consultants and clients with many both supplying services to, and receiving services from, ij. We are inclusive, friendly and we value the wide range of skills and experiences that our consultants and clients have. This is evidenced by the long lasting relationships we enjoy within our community that go well beyond project completion.

We’ve been there

Whether you’re a client or a consultant, every member of the ij management team has had personal experience of working as a freelancer and / or within an IT organisation. We know where you’re coming from and aim to offer a truly balanced service, where clients and consultants are equally respected, and supported.

What we’re good at

Our flexible model means we can find teams, and deliver solutions, in a wide range of technical and business domains, but we’ve developed a particular track record in the following areas:

  • Digital Identity and Access Management.
    “Login to systems, services, devices or buildings”
  • Personal Data and Analytics
    “Make digital services relevant and timely for you”
  • Digital Marketing and Advertising
    “Get only the ads you want on all your digital devices”
  • IP VPN
    “Connect employees of global companies using intelligent data networks”
  • Carrier Services
    “Enabling you to call anyone, at any time, anywhere in the world, at the best price possible”
  • Innovation Management
    “A structured way of creating new products, services and business opportunities”
  • Product Management
    “Designing, developing, testing, measuring, managing products and services throughout the life-cycle”
  • The Mobile eco-system
    “The companies, technologies, dynamics and economics of the mobile communications market”
  • Mobile Commerce
    “using mobile services to buy and sell products and services”
  • Internet of Things
    “connecting machines without a human interface”

We also have a growing partner network to ensure local support for global project rollout. We currently have partners in:

  • Germany
  • USA
  • Czech Republic
  • Australia
  • Tell us where we should go next! Our international coverage has grown with our client needs, so if you need in-country support or expertise, let us know and we’ll work to find you a solution. And if we can’t do it, we’ll recommend another company that can.